The word Kshara means specially prepared alkal from the herbs and Sootra means the thread. Thus the thread which is coated with certain specific medicine is called Ksharasootra.

The Ancient Indian surgeon Maharshi Sushruta has advocated this Ksharasootra treatment for piles, Fistula, Cyst, Tumor, Sinuses etc. which has been scientifically prepared and introduced by Prof. P. J. Deshpande et al.

Material used for preparation of Ksharasootra :

  1. Barber linen thread No. 20

  2. A) Latex of Snuhi i.e. Euphorbia Nerifolia

  3. B) Kshara of Apamarg i.e. Alkali Extracted with special methodology from Achyranthus Asperagus.

  4. C) Haridra – Curcuma Longa.


Usually total 21 Nos. of coatings done of above mentioned herbs as below.

  1. 11 coatings of plain latex of Snuhi

  2. 7 coatings of snuh + apamarg kshara

  3. 3 coatings of snuhi + haridra


  1. Day Care Procedure

  2. Negligible recurrence rate in Fistula-in-Ano

  3. No permenant incontinence for flatus, faces etc.

  4. Very useful in pilonidal sinus

  5. Large no. of ANo/Recto vaginal fistula also has been treated.

  6. Also useful in perivulvular and various other type of sinuses.

  7. Economical


  1. Changing of Ksharasootra once a week

  2. Increases the quantity of pus discharge

  3. Little pain on the day of the changing of the thread, normally relieved by seitz bath and pain killer.


At present this is the most popular treatment amongst the people and few of the whole hearted and open minded surgeons because of it’s very high success rate and no incontinence.

Patient's Testimonials

Name:- Nirav Doshi

Dr Nilesh Doshi did a good job in handling my ano-rectal problem Since after my traetment, I felt happy going to toilet. God bless you.

Name:- Tanmay Patel

Dr Nilesh Doshi is great doctor, master mind, and a great human being to.. My uncle always say about himto me.

Name:- Shahid Hussain

Dr Nilesh Doshi I am so very grateful for the professional and compassio- nate care that I received while at your clinic.

Name:- Chandrashekhar Bhavsar

Dear Dr. Nilesh Doshi, i am greatful to you for giving right treatment on fistuale and piles through ksharsutra therapy. which is very safe and sure where recurrence is only 1 percent. Even though after surgery there is a recurrence of disease. You are the stalwart in ksharsutra operations in this field. Although treatment is bit longer but every paitent should keep faith of SHARDHHA AND SABURI AS SAIBABA said. May god bless you sir.

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